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" In Western societies in particular, there is a high value placed on women's slenderness and youth. Large women are mostly “invisible” and “untouchable” members of a sub-culture. As a result, weight and size are very emotional issues for most people; and there are many misconceptions about the identities of fat women. 

I am interested in creating a new visual language that includes images of people who are not routinely considered (by many societies) as beautiful. I want my new visual language to show large-sized women as proud, gentle, powerful, sensual, vital people and to show them in an aesthetic and respectful way. I am influenced by the works of Renoir, Ruben's, Botero, Lachaise, Matisse, Maillol, and Henry Moore. 
My work is a series of portraits and nude studies of large-size women. My photographs are meant to be an invitation (to the viewer) to look, and to familiarize themselves with these fat people. To know them as individuals and see their confidence, integrity, beauty and sensuality. 

I hope that my photographs will show people a new and different way of looking at and feeling about large people and ultimately, themselves. My photographs are made as a reaction to the demeaning and negative images of large women and men I have seen in the media.

My images of large women are a reflection of my heart. Let me introduce myself. My name is Patricia Schwarz; and I am a proud, strong , funny, serious, loving, sensual, beautiful, intelligent, large woman."

-   Patricia Schwarz ,1996

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Signature Patricia Schwartz 15 avril 202

Patricia Schwarz (1951-2017) was a Californian photographer whose work stressed the beauty and dignity of large-size women. In the 1990s her images were acclaimed in Europe, leading to a solo exhibit in Denmark. A book of her portraits was published in Japan in 1996. Patricia’s career was cut short by a disability. The Paul Carvalho Foundation has created this website to honor Patricia’s memory and her magnificent artistic legacy.

About Paul Carvalho

Paul was a close friend of Patricia since the late 1960s, and the author of the photo book and biography “Patricia Schwarz Small Medium Large”. He was a journalist and documentary filmmaker.  

Paul died on August 17, 2023. He made provisions for the continuation of this website and for the support of Patricia’s legacy. The work is being carried out by his inheritors.


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