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The Paul Carvalho Foundation was created to protect and promote the works of remarkable photographers. Our mission begins with the oeuvre of Patricia Schwarz, and will grow to include others over the years.


Patricia Schwarz died at the young age of 66. Her last two decades were largely inactive as a photographer. Yet during her productive years she generated a large body of remarkable work. We are slowly making our way through it, carefully digitizing and archiving each slide, negative and print in high resolutions.

(3) IMG_4059 2.jpeg

We have counted:


- 135 Kodachrome slide boxes,

- over 10 000 negatives and hundreds of never-printed photos in black and white,

- about one hundred large prints, signed and previously framed for an exhibition in Denmark,

- 2 super-eight films,

- All sorts of personal papers, including recipes, letters and medical documents.


The Foundation’s mission is not only to digitize, archive and preserve this work, but also to make it known through this website, which will continue to work, and through museum exhibits. If you are part of a museum, gallery or other institution that would like to exhibit Patricia’s work, we ask you to contact us and tell us who you are.


To support the foundation you can send us a donation (which is tax-deductible to Canadians) or you can buy a print of Patricia’s work. To buy a print, please click on the menu tag above

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