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Hardcover- Limited Edition Book - 2023


This gorgeous 200 page photobook and biography of Patricia Schwarz was among Paul Carvalho’s last projects before he died in 2023. The book was dear to his heart and he spent countless hours in its production. He lived to see a final hardcopy proof of the book but not the published copies.


In his biographical notes Paul recounts Patricia’s childhood, the special friendship between them, her development as an artist, her grappling with her body size, her artistic achievements and the events of her later life. In turning her camera on herself and other large women, Patricia made her enduring contribution both to the well being of large women and to popular culture. Her oeuvre is  beautifully captured and illustrated in this volume.


This book is a collector’s item with fewer than 100 copies in existence. It is available only through this site.


Cost: $100

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Patricia Schwarz - Small Medium Large by Paul Carvalho

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